Sprint Filter is a leading manufacturer of high-performance air filters for motorcycles and automobiles. Sprint Filter is the world’s oldest manufacturer of high-performance air filters, dating back to 1952. It is currently the leading supplier in the world of 2-wheel and 4-wheel motorsport.

Sprint Filter’s air filters feature a patented polyester fabric technology that allows for higher airflow and superior filtration compared to standard filters.

There are several differences between a Sprint Filter air filter and a cotton or foam air filter. Sprint Filter air filters utilize a patented polyester fabric technology, which allows for higher airflow and superior filtration compared to cotton or foam filters. The polyester fabric used in Sprint Filter filters is designed to have uniform holes that effectively capture even the smallest particles while maintaining optimal airflow. Unlike cotton or foam filters, Sprint Filter air filters are dry filters and do not require oiling. This eliminates the risk of over-oiling or oil contamination in the intake system, which can adversely affect engine performance. Additionally, Sprint Filter air filters are washable and reusable, providing long-lasting performance and cost savings over time. Cotton or foam filters, on the other hand, often need to be replaced when they become clogged or deteriorated. Overall, Sprint Filter air filters offer superior filtration efficiency, increased airflow, easy maintenance, and longer service life compared to traditional cotton or foam air filters. Please note that the provided information is based on general differences and may vary depending on specific filter models and applications.

Yes, Sprint Filter air filters are reusable. They can be cleaned and reinstalled multiple times, offering long-lasting performance.

The frequency of cleaning depends on various factors such as riding conditions and environment. However, it is generally recommended to clean the filter every 10,000 to 15,000 kilometers or as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

No, Sprint Filter air filters are designed to be used without oil. Oiling the filter can compromise its performance and may damage the engine.

If you accidentally oil a Sprint Filter air filter, it is important to remove the oil as soon as possible to restore proper filter performance. Here are the steps to follow:

a: Remove and absorb the oil: Use clean and absorbent materials such as paper towels or a cloth to blot the filter and absorb the oil. Be careful not to rub the oil further into the filter.

b: Wash the air filter with a common detergent until you have completely removed the oil.

c: Blow with compressed air to remove any liquids present and ensure it is completely dry.

d: Reinstall the filter: Once the filter is completely dry and oil-free, reinstall it following the manufacturer’s instructions. Ensure a proper fit and secure installation.

It is important to note that oiling a Sprint Filter air filter can compromise its performance and may lead to reduced engine efficiency. Therefore, it is crucial to avoid oiling the filter and take immediate action if such an error occurs. Please consult Sprint Filter’s specific guidelines or contact their customer support for further assistance in case of any concerns or doubts.

No, the installation of Sprint Filter air filters is straightforward and can be done using basic tools. Detailed instructions are provided with each filter.

No, using a Sprint Filter air filter does not void your vehicle’s warranty. It is a direct replacement for the original filter and does not impact the warranty coverage.

Yes, Sprint Filter air filters are designed to enhance airflow, leading to potential performance gains in terms of horsepower, torque, and throttle response.

Yes, Sprint Filter air filters can be used with aftermarket exhaust systems. They complement the increased airflow requirements of performance exhaust setups.

Yes, Sprint Filter offers a wide range of air filters designed for specific motorcycle and automobile models. They ensure a precise fit and optimal performance.

Sprint Filter air filters can be cleaned by blowing them with compressed air at regular maintenance intervals. However, if the filter is particularly dirty, coated in oil, or has stubborn dirt that cannot be removed with compressed air, it can be washed using a common detergent. After washing, the filter must be thoroughly dried and blown with compressed air before being reinstalled in the housing.

Yes, Sprint Filter air filters can potentially improve fuel efficiency by optimizing the air-to-fuel ratio and allowing the engine to operate more efficiently.

In most cases, adjusting the ECU is not necessary after installing a Sprint Filter air filter. Sprint Filter air filters are designed as direct replacements for the original filters and are engineered to work within the existing parameters of the vehicle’s ECU. However, in certain high-performance or heavily modified vehicles, a recalibration of the ECU might be recommended to optimize the air-fuel mixture and take full advantage of the increased airflow provided by the Sprint Filter air filter. This can be done through professional ECU tuning or using compatible aftermarket tuning solutions. It’s important to consult with a qualified tuner or performance specialist who has experience with your specific vehicle and modifications to determine if an ECU adjustment is necessary or beneficial in your particular case. They can provide guidance on any required tuning changes to ensure optimal performance and compatibility with the Sprint Filter air filter.

Sprint Filter designs each air filter for specific applications, and not all Sprint Filter air filters are suitable for heavy-duty use or fine sand conditions. Sprint Filter produces dedicated air filters for such uses, including Dual Sport, Adventure, Motocross, and desert excursions and travels. These air filters are also dry filters and do not require periodic oiling or washing.

With proper maintenance and cleaning, a Sprint Filter air filter can last for an extended period, providing consistent performance and filtration capabilities.

Sprint Filter air filters are available through authorized dealers, distributors, and the official Sprint Filter website. You can find a list of authorized sellers on our website.

Please note that the above questions and answers are for illustrative purposes and should be reviewed and tailored to meet the specific requirements and information of Sprint Filter.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Maintaining your air filter is crucial for the protection, care, and efficiency of your engine. A clean and intact filter will consistently provide the right amount of clean air to your airbox.

Another important aspect to consider in air filter maintenance is longevity. While cotton filters require disassembly time and a period for washing, drying, and oiling, polyester filters eliminate these steps. The Sprint Filter air filters cleaning process is particularly straightforward and quick: a simple air jet blown in the opposite direction of suction removes most of the accumulated debris. There's no need for washing or drying, so you can reinstall the filter immediately.

For filters that are exceptionally dirty, start by using compressed air. Then soak the filter in a common household detergent, gently agitating it in the solution. Rinse the filter with clean water until it runs clear. Allow the filter to air dry thoroughly before reinstalling. Remember, DO NOT OIL OUR FILTERS!


The Sprint Filter performance air filter comes with a two-year warranty from the date of purchase from an authorized Sprint Filter dealer. This warranty covers any manufacturing defects as determined by Sprint Filter. To maintain the validity of the warranty, it is essential to keep the original box which contains the part number of the purchased filter, as well as proof of purchase that corresponds to the same part number. The end user acknowledges that Sprint Filter products may not be sold by authorized Sprint Filter dealers if more than three years have elapsed since the date of manufacture. This is because extended warehouse storage may alter the filter’s characteristics.

Sprint Filter intake systems are categorized as “racing” products. We recommend that you consult your country’s regulations to ensure there are no usage restrictions. After properly installing the system, it’s essential to check that the air-fuel ratio is correct. If adjustments are needed, consult with a professional for fine-tuning.

Since 1952, Sprint FIlter air filters have been sold in black boxes.

If a seller would like to offer you a filter inside a white or red box please report it to [email protected]: these filters are no longer saleable as they are no longer covered by warranty.